Hard Facts About Soft Teeth

People who claim to have soft teeth are likely to go to the dentist more frequently due to tooth sensitivity, cavities, toothaches, and other issues no matter how diligent their oral health care is. Some individuals say that after having children, as they age, or go through other life...

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The Connection Between Diabetes and Oral Health

Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of people from all social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. Those diagnosed with diabetes monitor many aspects of their daily lives to keep them healthy, including glucose levels, diet, activity, and more. But did you know that those with diabetes are at higher risk...

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I Brush My Teeth Twice A Day, So Why Do I Still Get Cavities?

There are plenty of patients that come in and ask… I brush my teeth twice a day, so why do I still get cavities? While the answer to this question is different for everyone, there are still some general principles about cavity formation that can help address this concern:...

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Night Guards to Protect Teeth and Gums

The daily stresses of life take a great toll on our bodies. Unfortunately, there are many patients who present with damage to their teeth, including chips, cracks, and general wearing down due to teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Even if you don’t think you’re clenching and/or grinding your teeth...

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